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Just wanted to let you guys know that I just received my parts that I sent to Ron Satterfield a couple of weeks ago.

pot metal flange, tension hoop and all the other parts for a complete pot including tuners. He replated everything in the "Old Gold" patina and it looks great! Ron is a super nice fellow to do business and you will be satisfied with his workmanship for sure.

He is top notch..........

Don Bryant

Ron--you also did some of the antique gold for me, and as many have commented, its excellent.

Dave Jack


I too will vouch for Rons work. About four years ago, I bought a set of new hooks but with old gold plating to use on my PW. They look like they came with the banjo and the originals are safely stored away. Great work and a super guy to work with. Thanks again Ron.


These are just a few of my many satisfied customers.

Do you need to have something gold or chrome plated?

Please contact me at, and you can be one of my satisified customers, too!


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